Crocodile Blood Treating Immune Deficiency


Regarding the data collected from consumers with immune deficiency, large quantity of viruses in their blood and low CD4 white blood cell count, the data showed that after consuming crocodile blood for a period of time, their CD4 number became higher and eventually similar to that of normal people.

With regard to a study of amino acids in crocodile blood than those in the blood of chickens, cows and pigs.

These types and quantities of such amino acids are precursors for the body to enhance cells under control of our genetic system. When there are a lot of precursors available for use, cells will be effectively and correctly generated as determined by our genes.

A comparative study on consumption of iron pills and freeze dried crocodile blood capsules as supplement food was conducted by inducing both groups to have anemia in four weeks; then giving the rst group iron pills and the second group freeze dried crocodile blood for six months. When carcasses of the experiment rats were examined it was found that, unlike the first group they second group did not have enlarged livers and pancreas.

A large quantity of crocodile blood did not cause toxicity to the body. Recommended dosage was 1-2 capsules per day, A smaller quantity was also effective in health enhancement, but it would take a longer time. Consumption of the crocodile blood with vitamin C will result in better improvement of blood cells. Generally, it is recommended to have crocodile blood while your stomach is empty because it will increase the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients.


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