Thai Crocodile Blood Capsules

Crocodile Blood Capsules

Crocodile blood has become a popular food supplement used to promote health due to its high levels of hemoglobin and antibodies .

“The crocodile has an immune system which attaches to bacteria and tears it apart and it explodes. It’s like putting a gun to the head of the bacteria and pulling the trigger.” – Scientist Adam Britton

The hemoglobin in crocodile blood is different from human hemoglobin. Similar to human, crocodiles breathe through lung but the unique structure of its hemoglobin allows it to breathe under the water.

In addition, there are several unique components in crocodile blood that helps protect crocodiles from bacterial infection.

In the dirty water with lots of bacteria, crocodiles with a big wound can survive and the wound is healed without any infection.

For hygiene, safety and highest benefit, researcher teams from the Kasetsart University, one of the prominent state university in Thailand, and the farm with high standard come together to do research, test and produce the dried crocodile blood capsule using an aseptic and freeze dried process under the name Wani Thai. To prevent any imitation, there is a Wani Thai printing on the capsule.

Crocodiles Are NOT harmed during the production of crocodile capsules.

Regain Fitness, Rejuvenate Skin & Complexion

Crocodile Blood improves the function of red blood cells in oxygen delivery to all parts of body, including sexual organs. it helps to rejuvenate skin and complexion. In addition, it helps relieve menstrual cramp and infertility in women.

Anti HIV / AIDS Antibodies

Crocodile blood contains a high levels of antibodies that our body can use, it has benefits in patients with AIDs (HIV), allergy or cold and even Cancer. Cancer destroys blood cells as well as decreases blood cell ability. It is appropriate for the use of crocodile blood as a blood tonic to help promote health.

Crocodile Blood For Athletes

Athletes in China and nearby countries use crocodile blood to promote health of athletes and facilitate the recovery. It is also used to stimulate the production of insulin IGF1 for the healing of wounds and decrease the chance of infection.